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Here are the files, in case you want to browse them here by the name of the podcast or whatever. In addition all the files used to generate the feeds are included too.
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[AUDIO]gnuWorldOrder12x50.ogg2018-12-09 22:19 39M 
[AUDIO]gnuWorldOrder12x49.ogg2018-12-03 02:12 37M 
[AUDIO]gnuWorldOrder12x48.ogg2018-11-25 23:50 20M 
[AUDIO]gnuWorldOrder12x47.ogg2018-11-19 02:13 23M 
[AUDIO]gnuWorldOrder12x46.ogg2018-11-11 23:52 17M 
[AUDIO]gnuWorldOrder12x45.ogg2018-11-05 02:39 16M 
[AUDIO]gnuWorldOrder12x44.ogg2018-10-28 23:22 26M 
[AUDIO]gnuWorldOrder12x43.ogg2018-10-22 01:23 32M 
[AUDIO]gnuWorldOrder12x42.ogg2018-10-13 17:38 31M 
[AUDIO]gnuWorldOrder12x41.ogg2018-10-08 01:30 10M 
[AUDIO]gnuWorldOrder12x40.ogg2018-09-30 09:45 28M 

aggregator source code available here
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